System Requirements

The following section lists the system requirements of the Linux or Windows server that will become the dedicated Backup Server providing backup services for your Hosts.

Memory Required



Over 100 Recovery Points per Day

32-bit systems: 2 GB
64-bit systems: 2 GB (or more for better performance)

X86 Processors

R1Soft Backup is tested on Intel Xeon, and is supported on all IA32 compliant chipsets using the MMX instruction set. This includes:
Intel Xeon
Intel Pentium II and higher
Intel Celeron
AMD Opteron and Athlon and all other compatible CPUs from these and other vendors.

EM64T and AMD64 Processors

The Intel EM64T and AMD64 group includes the following CPUs:
Intel Xeon and Pentium with EM64T
Compatible chips from other vendors, including AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon 64
Note: When a 32-bit operating system is installed on 64-bit hardware, the operating system will run as if it were an x86 (32-bit) system. This means that the machine is supported with the 32-bit x86 version of R1Soft Backup in all places where it says “x86″ in the list of supported configurations.