Can the initial seed image be taken while the server is online?
Yes. The seed image can be taken at any time while the host is fully functional.

Bare-Metal Restore – what is that?
Bare-Metal Restore is the process of instantly rebuilding a computer or server from scratch after a catastrophic failure.

With the R1Soft’s CDP technology you will be able to restore servers directly from disk-based backup. There is NO need to first partition your drive and install the operating system. You may view a bare metal disaster recovery being performed here.

If I install CDP Server on Windows can I backup Linux Agents Too?

If I install CDP server on Linux can I back up Windows Agents too?

Do I need any additional software? Apache? IIS? MySQL? SQL Server?
No. Our installer includes all of the software you need. Please note that CDP Server will attempt to bind to ports 80 and 443 when it starts up. If you are already running a web server using those ports on the server where you installed CDP Server you will not be able to get to the CDP Server web interface. You can change the ports it uses later after getting to the web interface for the first time.

What kind of hardware do I need?
No special hardware is required. All you need is a PC running MS Windows Server or a Linux server with a 2.6 Linux kernel. Some customers use hard drives, directly attached RAID sub-systems or network attached storage for larger volumes of data.

Is there an API?
CDP for Data Centers comes with an XML-RPC API.

I have X number of Terabytes to backup. Can your software handle that?
Yes. The limit on storage depends on block size and compression ratios which affect compressed block size. The Virtual Disk System is designed to hold up to 248 TB of uncompressed block data per partition assuming a 4K block size. We test the software in our lab on 2 TB partitions.

How long does it take to get the initial seed image?
It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to transfer 1 GB of data on a 100 Mb network using Righteous BTP (block transfer protocol). Backing up over the Internet introduces latency. To get an estimation, copy a large (100 MB) file from the Agent to the backup server. You could use SCP for this. Take note of the byte/s it reports. Use this as a rough estimate of the bandwidth between the Agent and CDP Server.

Can it be used to take backups of remote servers?
Yes. R1Soft Backup uses TCP/IP so any host with an IP address accessible via port 1167 (the backup agent listens on this port) can be backed up. It’s a great tool for taking backups of hosts in another data center.

I have X number of hosts. How many CDP Servers do I need?
Well… it depends. Typically one backup server with enough storage can provide daily backups and occasional restores for up to 500 hosts. Hourly or minutely backups require more resources as do write intensive servers.

Our customers are able to take backups every 15 minutes of heavily loaded virtual hosting servers with 200 GB disks and 50 GB of data. Once the seed image is taken, incremental backups take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes and they are backing up 50 hosts to each backup server.

Do I need to purchase third party software such as OTM or OFM to support open file backups?
No. R1Soft Backup includes full support for open file backups. It is the foundation of our backup methodology. Every backup is a consistent point-in-time image of your system